Saturday, February 15, 2014

More on Grandpa Cram

Grandpa Mark W.Cram was the first stake president of the Sacramento Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  As I was growing up he was my stake president.  Sacramento Stake went from Gridley on the North to Placerville on the East to Vacaville on the west and to Fresno on the south. Just in Sacramento alone their are many stakes in the present day, not to mention many more in the other areas of California where he once served. 

Grandpa learned to drive in his 50's so he could visit all the wards and districts in the stake boundries.  Some time after my grandma died my grandfather was called on a mission to New York .  He was in the Hill Cummorah Pageant and played the part of a Lamanite Chief.  He met his second wife and my second Grandmother in New York while on his mission. Her name was Ethel Bushy Pike Cram.  She had never had any children but she was a wonderful grandma to a lot of us.  Most of my cousins never knew my Grandma Rose and she was the only grandma they knew.

Grandpa always loved children.  They were some of his favorite people.  He would bounce all the babies on his knees and sing them funny songs. Once when we went to visit Grandpa when Jay was about eight Jay and grandpa got in a big discussion about who discovered gold. Jay had been studying about it in school so he was sure his information was correct and Grandpa had his own ideas.  They were very much enjoying their discussion when I interrupted to tell Jay he shouldn't argue with his grandpa.  Grandpa looked all sheepish and said what a good boy he was, and offered him a little Book of Mormon from his mission.  I think Grandpa loved a good 'discussion' just about better than anything.?"

Mom told me about a time she and my grandpa were arguing about where the bus stopped.  She got so frustrated that she called the bus terminal and when the lady had told her where the bus stopped, she handed the phone to grandpa.  After  listening for a few moments he hung up the phone and stated "She doesn't know what she's talking about!"

He and Grandma Ethel were snow birds.  They spent many winters in Mesa doing Genealogy
and working in the Mesa Temple. When they were home I would often spend the week end with them. They still lived in the home on Marshall Way in Sacramento where I had visited when my Grandma Rose was alive. Grandpa showed me my first pedigree chart and helped me gain my love for Family History Work.  When I was dating my sweetheart I brought him over to meet my grandparents.  While I was in the kitchen talking to Grandpa, Larry told Grandma Ethel that when he went on his mission he wanted to come back and marry me.  He told her to save me for him.  Every time I would talk about another boy Grandma would remind me of Larry.  She took what he said to her very much to heart and even though I kept denying that I was waiting for him she would keep saying "We'll see when Larry gets home."

When Larry and I were first married we would often ask Grandpa for advice.  He would give us some suggestions and then always end by saying that we needed to pray about it and he was sure we would be directed.  He said he wasn't entitled to inspiration for us but we were. He always had very wise council for us though.

Grandpa was nearly blind by the time he was in his late eighty's.  He never lost his sharp mind or his sense of humor.  He was faithful to the end.  I remember going over to see him one Sunday and Grandma Ethel told me he was out Home Teaching.  I think he was in his ninety's then.  He was a great example to all his posterity of faithfulness to the Gospel all his life.  I love my Grandpa so much and I still hope I can be like him when I grow up!

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