Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know if I had any following I have probably lost you with my absence from blogging. I am in Arizona helping Uncle Jack and Aunt Helen while Jack goes through Chemo. Helen fell last week and so now we have two patients. She is recovering from a broken thumb, a sprained wrist and a compressed disc injury to her back. The back is the most painful, but she is feeling some better. She should be back up to speed by the time Jack has his next treatment in a week.

As usual Larry is making the most of his time by repairing things. He fixed a broken pipe in the sprinkler system, put in a new control box and fixed a half dozen or more of sprinkler heads and bubblers. He is going to paint the bathroom tomorrow.

Helen and I have been working on her budget and getting her in a financial position so she has been able to stop cleaning offices and just concentrate on getting Jack better. I hope I will have time to at least do a few more entrys here before we go home in a month. I will try. I am being reminded daily of many childhood memories as Helen and I talk. I will try to put something together soon. Meanwhile just know that I am here and wishing I could be writing more.