Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grandma Jorgensen

Many of the older grandchildren remember Grandma Jorgensen but for those of you who don't I want to introduce you to the most incredible woman. Larry's mom, Grandma Jorgensen, was born in Deweyville,Utah in 1906. She was the oldest daughter and was raised on a farm. It was her job to drive the cows to the pasture everymorning as a child. She loved to be with her brother Will, but she was really good at getting out of farm work as often as she could as a child. She would hide in a tree or in the outhouse til her mom stopped calling her. That seems relly hard for me to understand as she was the hardest working woman I ever knew.

Grandma was the best mother-in-law any girl could ask for. She loved me like a daughter and I loved her as much as I did my own mother, which was a lot! As I look back on my life all the very hardest times she was there to help me through. Once we had to move from Cleveland to Maryland with two kids in casts,and 6 other children of various ages. Larry had gone ahead to start a new job and I was left to pack up and move to a new place all by myself. So grandma flew out to help me. I know I could'nt have done it without her. She would just roll up her sleeves and pitch in. In Maryland they had the most severe thunderstorms any of us westerners had ever witnessed. One night about 10 pm it started to thunder and lightening was flashing and the whole house shook. Larry and I were clinging to each other in bed when the children started to arrive. One by one they jumped up on the bed and clung to each other. The last one in was grandma. She jumped on the bed with the rest of us. We all ended up laughing and finally we all traipsed out to the front porch to witness natures fireworks. It was frightening and amazing and a whole lot more fun cause grandma was there.
When we lived in San Jose in the first house we rented she came for a visit. She never stayed with us that she didn't do more than her share of the work. She always insisted on doing all the dishes. One day she decided Mark should pick the fruit on our cherry tree. After he had climbed the tree he whined that he couldn't do it, so Grandma-who was in her 70's - just cimbed up that tree and showed him how to do it.
She was a wonderful friend to me and a wonderful grandma to the kids. I can't wait for all of you to meet her and learn to love her like all of us who knew her did.